Sheep’s raw cheese

All of them have just one thing in common: the best raw material.

When you have a high-quality raw material it is best to process it as little as possible; in other words, it is best  not to pasteurize the milk and therefore  obtain a raw milk cheese. Time of maturation will be the key element that will define the organoleptic features of the final product.


After  aging  just the best pieces for at least 12 months, we obtain a superb product with a taste that reminds us of the  good old times´ cheese: a deliciously- intense taste  with a strong flavor.

Maturation: 15 – 18 months

Formats:  2,850 kg. Available in vacuum-packed halves  (1,450 kg) and quarters  (0,700 kg)



Maturation: 8 months. This time is enough to let the cheese reach an interesting balance between taste and texture.
Color: white inside with a yellowish brim and brown on the surface.

Taste: full-bodied; it remains in the mouth.

Maturation: 8 months

Formats : wheels  of 1,600 kg and 3,100 kg aprox. Available  in vacuum-packed halves  ( 1,550 kg ) and quarters (0,750kg)


Flavor: soft,  but  with an interesting full-bodied taste.
Look: white in the inside with irregular holes , yellow surface.

Maturation: 2 months

Formats: wheels of 1,750 kg and 3, 300 kg. Available  invacuum-packed halves  ( 1.750 kg ) and quarters (0,850kg)



The main difference with the standard wheel of cheese is that instead of pressing the whey out of the cheese.

Mule’s leg cheese Mature

The main difference with the standard wheel of cheese is that instead of pressing the whey out of the cheese, part of this whey is allowed to stay inside. This brings about a slightly creamier texture and and a less sweet  flavor.

Maturation: 6 months

Format: 1,800 kg (available in halves)


Mule’s leg cheese Semimature

Taste: slightly less sweet and intense flavor.

Maturation: 2 months

Format: 2 kg approx. (available in halves).

Special cheese

The balance between the flavor and the maturation of the cheese.

Smoked cheese

The balance between the smoky flavor and the maturation of the cheese will surprise you. The smoke adds an original touch without concealing the lactic taste. Excellent balance!

Color Inside : White with a brownish rim.

Flavor: it reminds of  barbecue sauce, bacon, wood…

Maturation : 6-8 months

Format: 1,600 kg and 3 kg (available in halves and quarters)


Aged with rosemary

Flavor: the rosemary adds a pleasant slight herbal taste to the cheese.

Maturity: 8 -12 months

Format: 3 kg ( available in halves and quarters)

Mature cheese with lard

Cheese especially creamy. With a strong and intense flavor.

Maturation: 12 – 18 meses

Format: 3,250 kg y de 1,750 kg


Aged with olive oil

The flavor of a good olive oil always helps to enhance the aroma and taste of the aged cheese.

Maturation: 12 months

Format: 1,700 kg and 3 kg (available in halves and quarters)

Our only pasteurized products

Villalon-style cheese & sheep’s mik yogurt.

Fresh sheep’s milk cheese / Villalón

Nowadays it is easy to find fresh cow´s cheese, but, originally, the well-regarded Villalon-style cheese was made with sheep´s milk. We have recovered that lost tradition and are  currently   producing an outstanding fresh sheep´s-milk cheese, which is way better than cottage cheese!.

Shelf life: 2 weeks (refrigerated)

Format: 1,700 kg and 0,400 kg blocks.

Sheep’s-milk yogurt

It has nothing to do with the classical concept of an industrial yogurt: it is creamy, natural, tasty, simply  delicious!!

Shelf life: 4 weeks (refrigerated)

Format: 180-gr glass jar.